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Every year around the holidays menswear brands, magazines and blogs show-off their most elegant formalwear…although I’m not sure how many people actually wear black-tie for New Year’s anymore.

Here’s the thing about formalwear; it should be the opposite of an impulse purchase. As a gentleman with style, you should never be in this position; “oh shit, I have an event coming up, I need a tux, quick!”.

Even though you won’t wear it often, your wardrobe should always be prepared with a sharply tailored tuxedo. And not just be prepared to dress appropriately, but prepared to look and feel your absolute best.

It doesn’t have to be boring, either. Formal occasions are a time to have a little fun, take a little risk and enjoy the pleasures of classic menswear.

Here our friend and client Tyrone Naraine – a stock broker born and raised in NYC – gives us some ideas on how to shut the party down, no matter what year it is.